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About Us

FAST is the industry leader in precision aluminum anodizing. Founded in 1997, we primarily serve the medical, aerospace & defense, and manufacturing industries. While our customers range from large multi-nationals to individual hobbyists, they share one defining feature: the need for only the best in their anodizing specialists.

At FAST, we’re proud to have an unrelenting dedication to both product quality and customer service. From major aerospace and defense contractors, to innovative design firms and world-class medical device manufacturers, to small machine shops, FAST guarantees that each customer’s products are handled with the best of care and finished to specification. In fact, our anodize coatings have consistently surpassed industry standards, and are lauded by industry experts as “best-in-class.” We always put our customers first, doing everything in our ability to ensure we leave you pleasantly surprised by the experience of doing business with us.

That dedication to quality and service has enabled us not just to be the preferred surface coating firm for our customers, but the required one.

Products & Services

We offer a variety of aluminum anodize surface coatings to suit the unique needs and uses of our customers.



Industry- Aerospace & Defense, General Manufacturing
- Type II (Classes 1 & 2)
- Type III (Hardcoat – Classes 1 & 2)
- Mil-spec-8625



Industry – Medical Device, Precision Scopes, Laboratory Instruments

Our flagship anodize coating, COLOURLOCK, combines the best of both attractiveness and resiliency and was developed in-house for our medical device manufacturing clientele. The extremely-high durability of this anodic coating is only matched by the vibrancy of the colors offered. Developed specifically for a broad range of medical instruments and devices, the COLOURLOCK coating provides the best defense against the most rigorous sterilization systems.

- Several unique and vibrant colors
- STERRAD / STERRIS compatible
- Tolerance up to 0.0005 in


Additional Services

FAST is pleased to be able to accommodate short, prototyping runs as well as full-production runs. We gladly perform precision masking as required by customer specifications. Similarly, our production engineers are always available to assist you in optimizing your machining and anodize coating selection processes.

- Small batch/prototyping runs
- Full-production runs
- Precision masking
- Quality-control certification
- Manufacturing process consultation



We guarantee…

  • unrelenting customer service to each client, whether you want us to anodize one piece or a thousand
  • our quality control practices exceed those of our competitors. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding… or in our case, the finish!
  • that we maintain strict compliance to our customer’s manufacturing parameters and standards
  • that our technical understanding and continuous research and development differentiates us from our competitors


Others might be satisfied with the norm, but we strive to do better.

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